Business Wargaming

Wargaming is a military process used to create and test strategies, model new concepts and anticipate the enemy's response to a battle plan. Now adopted in the business world, Business Wargaming gives decision makers a proven method of reducing risk and uncertainty. Using role play it pressure tests ideas, products and strategies and predicts responses from staff, customers and competitors in a single process.

Understanding the customer's business

Not a part of the chargeable process, the initial planning is about Interconsult getting under the skin of the customer's business. Success in Business Wargaming is reliant upon a thorough knowledge of the organisation, its market position, its USPs and the challenges and opportunities it is facing. This research helps determine the players and roles required in the Wargaming. 

Understanding the specific issue

This discussion is also not charged to the client. It is focused around the scenarios where Business Wargaming can be used to stress test ideas and discuss the possible outcomes. Including key players and stakeholders, we brainstorm the specific issues the client is facing. Often the starting issue leads to secondary problems and / or opportunities that will also need to be pressure tested in the Wargaming role play. This stage allows Interconsult to be able to provide a quotation for the actual Wargaming process. 

Design the wargame

The initial planning discussions give Interconsult the information required to be able to design the Business Wargame. Whilst each game is bespoke to the needs of each client and scenario, the Business Wargame will be designed around four teams: the company team, the competitor team, the market team and the control team. Each team's role within the Wargaming will be planned by Interconsult to test the specific issue(s) highlighted in the planning meetings.

Establish the roles that are needed

Interconsult collaborates with the client to finalise the model of the Wargame and the roles of the people who will be involved in it. The aim of the roles is to answer key questions around the businesses strategy, through taking the position of the company, the market, the competitors and the suppliers. The individual players to undertake the roles within the Wargame will be chosen from internal polo of staff. Occasionally external players will be used where deemed appropriate.

Briefing on the role

The success of Business Wargaming needs the individual players to thoroughly understand their roles within the role play. The players will be representing internal departments, customers, suppliers and competitors and all players will need to undertake research prior to the actual Wargame taking place. Interconsult will work with all players to help them understand their role and what part they will play in the Business Wargame.

The wargame

This is not a brainstorming session. The Business Wargame uses designed role play to simulate reactions and help anticipate counter-moves from customers, competitors and the market to a business change or new strategy. It will consider possible legislative repercussions as well as the impact on internal resources and external supplies and suppliers. Normally taking place at the client's premises, the Wargame can take single or multiple days, depending upon on the circumstances and complexity. 

Output / Outcome

The Wargame will highlight opportunities as well as risks to the idea, strategy or issue being stress tested. Often the output will yield collaborative opportunities or expose vulnerabilities to the company, suppliers or markets. The final outcome report will be presented in a way which is dependent upon the internal department or corporate set up, and will include the critical 'to be done list'. 


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