Business wargaming

Interconsult are one of the World's leading experts and practitioners in Business Wargaming. A methodology originally developed for military strategy, Business Wargaming is a tailor-made simulation designed to test corporate strategy, develop foresight, manage change, develop crisis response, stress test products and ideas as well as help with training and recruitment. 

Business Wargaming helps managers and business owners mitigate risk in important decisions by having simulated the reactions to these decisions by the market, the user / customer, competitors, the supply chain and internal staff.

The seven steps

Interconsult use 7 steps to Business Wargaming. Each step works towards a specific purpose to ensure that the whole process is focused on:

  • The exact problem or opportunity that needs to be stress tested
  • All scenarios test the individual and collective behaviour of members of an organisation and relevant external parties
  • Highlight both risks and opportunities that may arise from the decision or action

The 7 steps are:

  1. Understanding the customer's business
  2. Understanding the specific issue
  3. Designing the Wargame
  4. Establishing the roles
  5. Briefing the roles
  6. The Wargame
  7. Output / Outcome
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Executive Search and Selection

Interconsult's executive search and selection process is not that of a regular recruitment agency. We select and recruit from requirement, not from a database. Our International offices give us the ability to head-hunt Worldwide, so when the pool of talent is small and spread across different countries, we can reach where others cannot. 

Confidential and thorough, our research to locate and approach potential employees for senior and specialist roles will help to create a short list of pre-qualified candidates of the very highest calibre.

Job specification and analysis of the job requirement

The job specification needs to be appropriate to the gap in the organisation and written to attract the very best candidates. Interconsult help to write the job specification and work with our clients to view the position from the candidates perspective as well as their own

Candidate selection

We search the talent pool, however small and however far spread, to find you the right candidates

Interviewing, Contract negotiation and reference checks

We work with our clients to determine what help and assistance is required from us throughout the interview and negotiation process

Confirmation appointment letter with position specification

We are with you from writing the job specification through to agreeing the terms and conditions


Business Coaching and Mentoring

Interconsult's team of business coaches and mentors don't just teach; they have all run successful businesses and faced up to all the challenges that business management brings. Highly qualified in business disciplines, they work with you to agree and fulfil strategies and goals for both you and your business. 

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mike gulliford
Mike Gulliford

Managing Director and Owner of Interconsult Ltd

Julie Hedge
Julie Hedge

Business Management Consultant

DA Graf Reischach
D. A. Graf von Reischach - “Deke“

Managing Director and Owner of Interconsult GmbH

Kristen Graffin Reischach
Kristen Gräfin von Reischach

Director Consulting Europe of Interconsult GmbH

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About us

Interconsult is a Worldwide business helping business owners and senior management to grow, recruit key staff and create and manage strategies around business change, growth, acquisition and exit.

Originating in Germany, the company now operates across Europe, The Far East and America. The UK operation is Midlands based with highly qualified and experienced consultants positioned throughout the country.  

Alongside its International head-hunting and recruitment activities and business management coaching, Interconsult is a World leader in Business Wargaming which uses a number of military based strategy testing procedures to help companies manage uncertainty. Interconsult have recently been sucessful in gaining the Trade Make for Business Wargaming and can truly claim to be the leading experts in its application.

Established more than 35 years ago Interconsult have the experience and International expertise to support businesses of any size in managing the changes and challenges that arise in reaching their goals and short, medium and long term objectives.



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