About Us

Interconsult was founded near to Stuttgart in Germany more than 35 years ago by Graf Von Reischach.  Working initially as a senior management and specialist recruitment business, the company expanded across 3 Continents and into Business Coaching and Mentoring. More recently in the UK it has established itself as the leading company in Business Wargaming.  

Our business culture

Everything that we do is based around helping our clients to be more successful. For more than 10 years, we have worked with UK companies from SMEs up to FTSE100, to recruit key staff; grow; manage transition, mergers and acquisitions and undertake Business Wargaming programs.

Our consultants and advisors are what drives our success, and in turn our client's success. Our UK consultants all have individual proven business success, working in senior roles within PLCs as well as SMEs. All are degree and post grad degree level qualified in business specific disciplines.  Each of our consultants and partners brings a unique specialism to our portfolio of services.


Whatever service our clients engage us for, we bring professionalism, knowledge and business expertise. Moreover, we understand the importance of the need to be able communicate ideas and findings at senior levels of management and company ownership. 

Being part of an International group of companies we are able to work across Continents, providing localised knowledge and support when a client has operations in multiple countries or is looking to expand into new markets. 

We are members of both The Coaching Academy and Chambers of Commerce Worldwide.

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